Look: The Late Veteran Actor Eddie Garcia Pays Visit To “Ang Probinsyano” Set

After the multi-awarded actor and director Eddie Garcia passed away on Thursday, June 20, many Filipinos are in mourning and saddened about the sudden demise of the veteran actor, especially those he has worked with in the local showbiz industry.

The late veteran actor Eddie Garcia left behind an impressive and unforgettable legacy in a showbiz career that spanned for almost 7 decades, that’s why many celebrities feel empty right now upon hearing the news about the veteran actor.

“Tito Eddie” as what many celebrities call him, is really a great loss in the industry.

Among the tributes and inspirational posts to the acclaimed actor is that of Yassi Pressman, who worked with Tito Eddie in one of his recent projects, the long-running action series “Ang Probinsyano.”

The 90-year-old actor portrayed the role of a villain named Don Emilio/Senyor Gustavo in the TV show, which Eddie Garcia left in February.

In an Instagram video shared by Yassi on her account last June 20, it shows a butterfly that paid a visit during a shoot of the teleserye.

Yassi Pressman wrote:

“this was a very special moment on the set of #FPJsAngProbinsyano….

kakabukas lang ng camera sa phone namin, ng biglang may paruparong hindi kami iniwan…

wait till the end.”

As seen in the video, Yassi could be seen next to veteran actress Susan Roces and when a yellow butterfly started to fly around them right after the cellphone camera started to shoot.

The actress was also seen lifting her hands up several times for the yellow butterfly, while another woman in the cast waves her hand and bid farewell to the flying butterfly. The people in the set paused for a while and stopped the shooting.

Many cultures, including that of the Philippines associate butterfly with the souls, they believe that butterflies symbolize a person who passed away.