Look: Kind-Hearted Students Who Buy A Kid Some Food & Other Supplies, Earned Praises

Random acts of kindness remind us that the world is still a good place after all, just like this group of teens from Cavite who had proven that you don’t have to be rich to have a big heart for other people.

In a now viral Facebook post by Thirdy Echenique Dela Torre III, he shared some photos of the simple deed he and his friends did for a poor kid they saw in the street.

Based on his post, while on their way home, they decided to stop at a street food stall to buy some KFC (or what they call Kanto Fried Chicken). Then suddenly, a kid in dirty clothes also tried to buy chicken to the same seller even if he only had Php 4.

The seller allowed him to pay for the chicken at a lower price, but Thirdy and his friends were touched by the young kid’s situation, they also noticed the young boy seems to be really hungry, that’s why they have decided to return the money he paid to the seller and bought him more fried chicken.

He also mentioned that the kid is actually going to school barefoot and without proper uniform. With that, this group of teens thought that it would be a good idea if they would buy him some stuff that he can use.

The teens take the young boy to a nearby store to get him a new pair of slippers and a white t-shirt that he can use as a school uniform. But while walking, they noticed that the kid is looking at another kid holding a toy so, they asked him if he also wants a toy and he replied that he wanted a basketball.

Thirdy said they did this because they understand how it feels to be hungry and seeing some kids playing with their toys, while you can’t afford to have one.

Many netizens praised these teens, knowing that they are not rich themselves, but they chose to help the young boy in the best way they can.

source: rachfeed