Look: Ilocos Sur Residents Are Giving Away Free Ripe Mangoes To Everyone

Filipinos love eating mango fruits regardless if it is raw or ripe, but while many prefer the sour taste of green mango paired with salt or ‘bagoong,’ some people still crave for the sweet taste of ripe mango which they sometimes turned into cold or frozen beverages like mango shakes and ice cream.

And if you’re one of the certified mango lovers who usually buy ripe mangoes from the market, then you will be happy to know that a certain place in our country is currently offering these mangoes for free.

The residents in Salcedo, Ilocos Sur decided to give delicious ripe mangoes away for free to whoever wants them.

As reported by DWRS Commando Radio Global on May 29, the retail price of mangoes in the markets of Salcedo, Ilocos Sur dropped to P15 a kilogram due to oversupply. So, instead of leaving their mangoes to rot and go to waste, some residents decided to just give away these fruits for free.

One resident named Emmylou Arruejo Jomero even shared photos of plastic bags filled with ripe mangoes hanging on her fence with cardboard that read “Free.”

According to Emmylou, she had thought of giving away the mangoes for free rather than to sell them at a low price of Php 10 per kilogram.

The photos of the free ripe mangoes were shared online and immediately went viral.

Many netizens were delighted after hearing the news about the free mangoes from Ilocos Sur and expressed their desire to go to this place and have some free mangoes.

Some even praised their decision to distribute mangoes for free and said that these residents will harvest more in the next season because of the kindness and generosity they displayed.

Meanwhile, many were also surprised to know that there are still caring people in this world who shares their goods to others for free.

source: definitelyfilipino