Heroic Act: Pitbull Saves Family from Fire, Carries Baby by Her Diaper To Safety

Many countries ban pit bulls and even branded them as dangerous and ‘fierce dogs’ because of numerous reported incidents that involve pit bulls harming and attacking humans for no reason at all.

But some experts and pit bull advocates say that these ‘fierce dogs’ are not inherently aggressive and bad, and in many cases, they only suffer at the hands of irresponsible and bad owners.

Take the story of this 8-month-old pit bull named Sasha as a good example.

Nana Chaichanhda from Stockton, California brought home a pit bull puppy at about the same time that she had given birth to her baby girl, Masailah. The mother was a bit hesitant at first as she had heard many negative stories about pit bulls, but all her worries fade away when she fell in love with the little puppy.

Nana considers Sasha as part of the family because the pit bull was very gentle with Masailah. The dog and her baby formed an incredible bond and reach to the point where they take baths and do other things together.

Normally, Sasha would sleep inside the apartment with them, but there are also times when Sasha prefers to sleep outside, especially during warm nights.

One night, Nana decided to let her dog sleep outside since it was getting warmer in their place. Unknown to her this decision would help save her and her baby’s life…

The mother puts her daughter to bed and fell asleep fast. But just before midnight, Sasha began barking and banging the door continuously just to wake her sleeping family inside.

However, when Nana wakes up, she initially ignored the sound of frantic barking and thought that it was a neighbor’s dog and not her Sasha since she’s normally quiet and a well-behaved dog.

Confused about what’s happening, Nana opened the door to check on Sasha. She then looked outside and saw her neighbor’s house already set on fire. But before she even realized that the house next door was on fire, Sasha barged through the door and ran inside the house.

Nana immediately went inside the bedroom to save her daughter, but she was surprised to see that her dog was already dragging Masailah off the bed by her diapers. She then picked her daughter up and hurriedly ran outside, while Sasha was trailing behind her.

The two apartments were destroyed and burned to the ground, but they’re still lucky that nobody was harmed since her neighbors living next door weren’t home at the time the incident happened.

source: lifedaily