Hardworking Fishball Vendor Father Successfully Sends All His Four Children To College, Inspires Netizens

This hardworking father has inspired many netizens after he successfully sent all his four children to college all by himself by selling fishball.

The inspiring story of the fishball vendor father was shared by his youngest daughter, Girlie Versoza on Facebook after she was finally able to graduate as the last one of the four siblings who were able to finish their studies because of their father’s simple business.

Growing up, the youngest daughter described her experience being laughed at when she and her siblings were younger because of their father’s job.

“I can not forget those people who told us that ‘It’s just a child of fishball vendor,” Girlie wrote.

Not many kids wanted to be friends with them as they were not on the same level as other kids came from well-off families.

But since her father told her to be kind to others, Girlie just ignored all those people who mocked her and their family.

“Daughter, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself. Don’t force yourself to befriend others, just be kind,” she remembered her father told her once.

With these words of wisdom from her father, she was able to survive. After all, everything that her father sold was so good and delicious and she did get all of these foods for free as the benefit of having a fishball vendor father.

In high school, Girlie was still being teased for being the daughter of a fishball vendor. Some of her classmates even crinkled their noses at her house, saying it looked like a trash can, but she never felt ashamed of her father’s job.

Thankfully, Girlie found friends who accepted her for who she was, a fishball vendor daughter.

When she further her studies in college, it got even more difficult because the expenses were more costly – and her father had a lot of competition as fishball vendor then.

Despite this, their family managed to help each other as all of her siblings would accompany their father to help him sell at town fairs, graduations, pageants, and concerts, etc.

Aside from helping their father with selling his goods, it was also a good time for them to bond with each other!

But now that Girlie has finally graduated from college, she recalls all the hardships they had to face as a family and how they survived. She was also proud to share with everyone that it was because of her father’s fishball business that she and her siblings were able to get a college degree.

Congratulations, Girlie and to your hardworking father!

source: goodtimes