Guy Uses Snapchat’s Gender Swap Filter To Prank His Friend, Went Viral

Snapchat is an app that lets you send messages, photos, and videos directly to your friends or to everyone who follows your account and is considered as one of the most widely used mobile apps today.

This popular app also has great many lenses and filters which is likely one of the many reasons why young people enjoy using Snapchat so much. In fact, one of its new filters allows people to see what they’d look like as the opposite gender.

Just recently, this guy tried to prank his friend using this gender swap filter. He pretended to be a beautiful woman and message one of his friends on Facebook.

Screenshots of their conversation on messenger was shared by a Facebook user named Van Arterence Ronquillo on May 13.

As seen on the post, the guy chat his friend because he said that he wants to introduce someone to him. He then forwarded a photo of a beautiful woman to show his friend how the girl looks like.

When his friend saw the photo of the woman, he seems to be interested in knowing more about her. His friend even asked for the beautiful woman’s name and if she is still single.

The guy confirmed to his friend that the woman is still and single and told him that he met her during his job application.

His friend once again asked for the name of the woman in the photo so he can add him on Facebook.

But this time the guy just sent another photo of the woman, showing one of the sides of her chest, followed by the name “Genieva Ronquillo”.

The pranked friend then realized that the woman was just his friend who used the gender swap snapchat filter.

This hilarious Facebook post garnered 14K reactions, 6.1K comments, and 20K shares.

Many netizens were entertained with their conversation, some also said that the filtered face really looked gorgeous that’s why his friend didn’t easily recognize that it’s a guy.

“Hahaha! Hindi man lang napaghalataan. Ang ganda kasi nung girl ay! boy pala,” one netizen said.