Guy Travels Long Hours To Surprise Dad With A Prank on Father’s Day Turns Into Grief

Father’s Day is a special day to give honor and recognize all our fathers and celebrate it with them. That’s why everyone is busy during this day just to show their love and affection towards their father.

Just like this guy who traveled more than 11 hours to surprise visit his dad on Father’s Day but his excitement turned into sorrow when he found out that his dad passed away at a hospital when he and his family arrived.

Youtuber/Vlogger Keith Talens traveled with his family all the way from Parañaque, Metro Manila to his hometown in Santiago City, Cagayan Valley because he was planning on pranking his dad as part of this year’s Father’s Day surprise.

He shared in the vlog that it would take them 10 hours to get to their destination and that he got his stepmother and siblings as his accomplices for the prank.

While on the way to Santiago City, Keith several times felt nervous and he could not even sleep well. They also missed a turn and had to travel an extra hour to their supposedly 10-hour trip, which made him more nervous. Keith just thought it was because of his plan to prank his dad, but it later turned out to be something else.

Little did he know, his father had passed away when they’re almost near to their destination in Santiago City. The video then suddenly cuts to a heartbreaking scene at the hospital.

Keith arrived at the hospital carrying balloons, he broke down in tears and almost collapsed when he saw his dad on the bed, wrapped in a white blanket. The young vlogger even tried to wake his father.

At first, some of his followers thought that it was part of his prank, but when they noticed that no one was laughing, they soon realized that the scene was for real.

Many netizens were deeply touched and saddened by this tear-jerking scene.

source: buzzooks