Girl Who Grew Up In A Garbage Dump Receives Full Scholarship At Australian University

At a very young age, this girl named Sophy Ron worked in Phnom Penh garbage dump in Cambodia to help earn a living for her family. The young girl used to spend her days scavenging trash for something she and her family could sell, so when the day ends, their family will have some food to eat to lessen their hunger.

But little did she know her life was about to change after she was rescued from the garbage dump by the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF).

At the time, Sophy was only 11 years old when she was taken by the rescuers and immediately sent to school with the continued support of the CCF, an International Non-Government Organization that provides education, family support, and community development programs to some of the country’s most impoverished communities.

Sophy surprised many because even though she was not able to attend school during her younger years, still she was able to catch up with her other classmates quickly and excelled in her studies.

After several years, she is now being lauded online for being the first CCF student to secure a full scholarship to begin her degree at the prestigious University of Melbourne.

The brilliant young lady recently graduated her foundation year from Trinity College as valedictorian.

During her graduation ceremony, Sophy stands on stage in front of her peers and delivered her valedictory address in fluent English, a confident and articulate young lady that shows no trace of the young girl from the garbage dump.

Yet Sophy hasn’t forgotten where she came from, as she plans to return to Cambodia to spend time and celebrate with her friends and family before the next semester at the University of Melbourne begins.

Congratulations, Sophy Ron! May your story serves as an inspiration to all the youth of different countries all over the world.

source: cambodianchildrensfund