Father Who Can’t Afford to Buy School Bag, Impresses Netizens with Raffia String Bag He Made for His Son

It is truly undeniable that parents would do anything to give their kids the very best in life. As a matter of fact, they are always willing to sacrifice just to make sure that their kids will have a life as pleasant as possible.

Just like this father from Cambodia who recently went viral for the impressive school bag he wove for his son using blue raffia string because he couldn’t afford to buy him a new one.

In a recent post shared online by Facebook user Sophous Suon, she uploaded photos of a blue backpack bag used by a young kid in his school in Battambang province, Cambodia.

The young student’s father created this woven piece from raffia strings that come from a fibrous plant similar to abaca, the bag is complete with two straps at the back, a front flap, and a plastic buckle to secure its flap.

Apparently, Sophous Suon was the teacher of the kid in the photo, who was identified as Ny Keng, a first-grade pupil at Lumphat Primary School in Cambodia.

Impressed by what the boy’s father had created for his son, Sophous has decided to share it on her social media account.

The teacher said that Keng’s father admitted that he can’t afford to buy his son a brand-new bag because of their financial condition. That’s why he just took some raffia strings which he wove into this bag as he also wanted his son to have something that he could use for school.

The creative father caught the attention of netizens who were touched by his love and effort to provide for his son’s need — a true labor of love from a father to his son.

Many also praised him for his resourcefulness and creativity, with some of them saying that he could actually make a living by selling these unique woven raffia bags.