Family Build A Cinema Inside Their House, Caught The Attentions of Netizens

For most people, entertainment is their main reason why they watch movies, while others say that watching movies is their best stress reliever. However, there are also times when people still find it hard to go to the cinema to watch the latest movies because they lack in budget or time.

That’s why instead of spending money, they would rather choose to download movies online. Aside from the fact that it’s free of charge, you can also watch these movies anytime you want.

But this family thought of something that will definitely change the lives of many movie enthusiasts out there.

They literally built their own cinema or “home theater” in their house, so that they can watch all the movies they want in the comfort of their home. Although it’s not a real cinema that you usually see in malls, you can still have the same ambiance and feel in this home cinema.

Check out these photos on how this family builds their home theater:

They started painting the walls and ceiling of the room in plain black, this can help reduce screen glare. Their goal is to not use anything that would distract from the room’s focal point–the screen. When choosing the paint you need to make sure that it’s non-glossy, flat, and non-glare.

After that, they created a platform that will serve as the elevation of the back seats.

Then they mount the flat HD TV on the wall for better viewing.

They also placed dark color curtains and few dim lights in the room, so that the viewer will not lose focus on the screen as they watched their favorite movies.

Lastly, the family arranged four comfy seats to complete the cinema look.

But of course, a cinema will not be complete without our favorite movie snacks, that’s why they also made a concession snack stand, complete with drinks and popcorn.