Eat and Run: Netizen Shares Her Experience Where Wedding Guests Left After The Reception

Wedding is a sacred ceremony where two people are united in marriage. For most people, it is a way of openly expressing their deep commitment to the person they choose to spend the rest of their life.

That’s why many couples plan for the perfect celebration for their big day just to make everything worth remembering. As a matter of fact, some couples even spend years planning in order for them to achieve their dream wedding.

However, there are instances that not everything will go as planned. Just like this recently held wedding where guests left after the reception.

One netizen named Jes Sta Isabel shared her horrible experience during a wedding where most of the guests left the wedding reception right after eating. The concerned netizen not only finds it very disrespectful for the couple but also disappointing as an observer of such an important event.

In her now viral Facebook post, Jes posted a photo showing an almost empty wedding ceremony — “eat and run case”…

According to her, the wedding initially has 200 guests invited, but most of them chose to leave the reception. The said photo was taken during the cake cutting were only a few guests can be seen around.

The wedding host/emcee also requested the guests to wait until the programs were all finished, but despite the emcee’s plea they still leave after dining.

In the last part of her post, the concerned netizen left a reminder for all the guests not to practice this rude behavior, and to at least try to finish the programs or the whole occasion before leaving.

The case of this couple was so disappointing, knowing that Filipinos are known for valuing traditions such as weddings and other important occasions. Despite the distance and busy schedules most of us participate in rare family events and would sometimes stay even until we are forced to leave.

source: readersportaltoday