Woman Shared Hilarious Post OF A Dog Wearing Her Father’s Dentures After Taking A Nap

Do you ever find yourself looking at a dog so mind-numbingly adorable that you can’t resist the urge to snuggle it? A lot of people consider having dogs at home because these cute little creatures can sometimes be likened to having children who are fond of playing with all of the stuff around the house.

Just like small human kids, they are so adorable but sometimes can also be a bit too curious and playful with things they shouldn’t be playing.

Take for example this Shihtzu/Poodle/Chihuahua mix dog who recently went viral after a photo of this super adorable dog wearing dentures spread over the internet.


Meet Maggie, the hilarious pooch that got many netizens laughing so hard. Twitter user Eunice (@UniFiEd) owns this cute dog.

Every time Eunice has to work, she would leave Maggie to her father who also enjoys taking care of the adorable pooch.

But Maggie was quite playful and so curious at times that she enjoys picking up things around the house that aren’t supposed to be played.

There was one afternoon, when Eunice’s father was taking a nap, he put his dentures away as this bothers him while he sleeps, but Maggie found his dentures and decided they were the coolest things to play with.

“My dad decided to take an afternoon nap and rather than put his dentures in the bathroom, he left them on a napkin on the end of the couch. While he was sleeping, Maggie must have jumped up and grabbed them,” Eunice shared.

When he wakes up, Eunice’s father couldn’t find the dentures on the couch; he then realized that Maggie must have gotten the dentures and started searching for the dog.

He found her in the living room table where the pooch was hiding with her fake teeth. Looking closer, Eunice’s father had a good laugh when he saw that Maggie was actually wearing his dentures like a human.

He then quickly took a photo of Maggie and send it to Eunice who was at the office.

“I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers,” Eunice said.

The photos of Maggie showing off her grin went viral after Eunice posted them on Twitter.

Many netizens asked for the regular photo of the adorable pooch without the dentures to see how she looked without it. There were also some who were concerned about the dog’s condition, but Eunice clarified that Maggie was unharmed by the dentures.

She also revealed that although the dentures were not damaged, her father was already set to get a new pair, which is a thing that he had long been planning.

source: buzzooks