This Pinoy Traveler Promised To Take His Mom to Vacations Around The World Every Year

The time we spend with our parents is limited by our daily routines as we grow older, that is why it’s very important to spend quality time and have fun with our parents to show how much we love and care for them.

Do you know that traveling with your parents or parent can be a great bonding experience? Take the story of this Pinoy traveler as a great example.

In a recent post on ‘The Poor Traveler’ Facebook page, a Pinoy traveler shared his wonderful experience traveling the world with his mom.

He also included an album titled: Travels with Nanay, where he uploaded photos of him together with his mom as they travel to different countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore Macau and the most recent one was in Australia.


The mother and son also went to Boracay, which is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations here in our country.

At first, he was shamed for being a ‘grown-a** man traveling with mom’ by a fellow traveler, but this didn’t bother him. Instead, he went on to express how grateful he was for having the chance to do such things with his beloved mother.

“I remember our first trip together. In the middle of our cable car ride in Hong Kong, my mom shed tears. When asked, she said she just never expected she would be able to travel overseas. You see, my mom grew up in a dirt poor family,” the Pinoy traveler explained.

“She only finished GRADE 6 because there were 7 children in the family and my grandparents couldn’t afford to send all of them to high school. Someone needed to stay at home and help them work. Unfortunately for my mom, it was her. She’s always valued education, but there was nothing she could do,” he added.

While other cultures might frown upon the common Filipino culture of staying in the homes of their parents even if they already have their own families as total ‘dependence’ on parents, but for them, this is just a way of showing love by spending time and taking care of their parents when they’re old.

The Pinoy traveler went on to explain that all the sacrifices and hardships his mother had endured just to provide them with a comfortable life and good education serve as the reason why he wanted his mother to experience the life she deserves.

Since he’s now earning well from his job, the Pinoy traveler promised to take his mom to beautiful places here and abroad.

“As a kid, I grew up in a financially troubled family but my mom still tried to make it comfortable for us. I am the youngest. Me getting a college degree isn’t just about me but my mom finally fulfilling a promise she made to herself a long time ago. She had never traveled very far, so I promised myself that when I started earning well, I would travel with her EVERY YEAR,” he continued.

For him, all of these things wouldn’t happen if not because of their mother, who did her best and worked hard so that they can finish their studies.

“Our lives have become much comfortable now than when I was a kid. My siblings and I, we’re doing great because my mom made sure that we finish school, something she’d always wanted for herself but never had. I am proud that I am going places with my mom,” he said.

As of this writing, the post already received 26k reactions and 6.7k shares on Facebook.

Meanwhile, some netizens who were touched by his inspiring story also shared their stories of vacations with parents in the comment section.

source: rachfeed