This Man Who Looks Like A Beggar Was Chased By Security Guards, But Later Buys Smartphone In Cash

When we heard about the word beggar, what initially comes to our mind is a poor person who asks others, or begs, for money or food. Most of them are homeless and dressed in a shabby manner.

Oftentimes, these people are treated unequally in a society where money is the measure of human worth. But just like normal people, beggars should also be treated as fairly as everyone else and not by their appearance or status in life.

Just like the story of this shabbily dressed man in Thailand who surprised a store assistant when he bought a smartphone using cash.

Just recently, a Facebook user named Pimpim Cooper shared an incident that happened last May 22, where a customer who somehow looks a beggar entered the mall and went straight to their cellphone shop. He was barefoot and was carrying two sacks that could have contained his personal belongings.

Photo credits: Pimpim Cooper | Facebook

The unnamed man approached the shop and pointed to a phone model he liked and didn’t bother to ask for the price. What’s even more impressive was the man didn’t even try to negotiate or haggle the price with the seller to ask for a discount. He then took out plenty of paper bills from his sack-bags and pays for the smartphone.

Photo credits: Pimpim Cooper | Facebook

Despite his sloppy and unkempt appearance, he behaved like a well-mannered man. In fact, he even apologized to the store assistant for paying in all 20-baht notes ($0.63).

While waiting for Cooper to process some paperwork and finish counting his stack of paper bills, the security guards of the mall assumed the man as a nuisance and tried to chase him away several times. The store assistant ended up having to step forward and told the security officers that he is actually a customer who was buying a smartphone from their store.

Photo credits: Pimpim Cooper | Facebook

The Facebook post went viral with over 8,300 shares and 15,000 reactions as of this writing.

Many netizens were amazed that the shabbily dressed man was able to buy a phone using cash that they think he honestly earned by saving, but there were also some who believe that he had just taken the money from somewhere.

source: rachfeed