Thai Man with 2 Wives, 9 Children Reveals the Secret to a Happy Marriage

Nowadays, it’s common to see men having a mistress. Most women especially the wives would go angry if they will know that their man or husband is having an affair with another woman.

However, not all women feel the same way like the 32-year-old woman in Thailand names Warissara Poksrichan who enjoy her husband’s mistress in their house together with them. In fact, they became best friends and life partner, and they share one man.

Warissara Poksrichan is married to her 42-year-old husband Manop Nuttayothin for ten years when her husband got himself a new wife.

Warissara is so forgiving and even welcomes her husband’s 26-years-old mistress named Nattaya Tongpan and agreed to live with them. Warissara wasn’t the first wife of Manop Nuttayothin, he had another wife who passed away.

Since Manop Nuttayothin introduced Nattay Tongpan to Warissara Poksrichan, she welcomed her with open arms and later on become her best friend because Warissara knew how it feels to be the other wife.

Their story goes viral on social media when Warissara shared their photos together on the Internet. According to her post, numerous people are bragging with their husband while she has a husband with many wives.

Numerous people who saw her post got impressed by Warissara’s husband for handling her and Nattay. Both Warissara and Natty revealed that they never fought over Manop, in fact, they both took good care and sharing the responsibility of Manop’s three kids from his first wife plus their own three kids each.

Aside from taking care of a total of 9 kids, Warissara and Nattay help Manop at his car shop and both act as the models of Manop’s shop and sales staff during major events in Thailand.

In an interviewed Poksrichan was asked on what’s their secret why they were happy, and she answered that it’s all about understanding. She also added that they love and care for each other, they do the same things and everything at the same time, which she believes is the reason why they are happy.

Manop admitted that there are conflicts from time to time but they resolved it quickly and it never became a major issue to them and forgot it right away.

He also admitted that sometimes he overlook on something, and then he realizes that he treated one wife differently from the other one. When he realized that it would be a problem, he fixes it immediately and treats the two of them equally.

Warissara was also asked if they have any regrets about their arrangement and she said that for years that they have been together she never change her mind with Manop.

She jokingly said that only their boobs size changed from a breast augmentation she and Natty had undergone, and Manop loves it.

source: buzzflare