Principal Plowing School Garden Barefoot During ‘Brigada Eskwela’ Earns Praise From The Netizen

A school principal identified as Desiderio Alquizar Logdonio recently went viral for his impressive brand of leadership and for remaining humble despite his position.

Mr. Logdonio is the school principal of Anding Agricultural Vocational Technical School – Main Campus of Ramon Magsaysay City in Zamboanga del Sur, southern Philippines.

In a recent Facebook post, Shirley Andales Bagood shared some photos of their humble school principal plowing the school garden barefoot during ‘Brigada Eskwela’.

She wrote:

“Post mo kung ano ang ginawa ng school heads mo sa Brigada Eskwela 2019. Sa amin, ito ohhh. Plowing the soil for Gulayan sa Paaralan. Hanep di ba?”

The humble principal can be seen performing this physical tasks, with the help of a carabao in plowing the school garden. He also helped fix some broken water lines in the school and performed other tasks just to make sure that the school is ready for the upcoming class opening.

Considering that he could have just delegated someone to do these tasks for him, yet the humble principal still chose to do it himself – and many people greatly praised him for this.

In a recent report by GMA News, Mr. Logdonio said that farming had been one of the reasons why he was able to finish his studies and sent his kids to school; thus, he could never turn his back from this profession.

With farming being one of the primary sources of livelihood in Zamboanga del Sur, Mr. Logdonio appears that he knew exactly what he was doing.

He also revealed that even now that he’s a principal he still manages to allot time to do some farming activities, especially when he’s not very busy at school.

Many netizens were greatly impressed by his action and for keeping his feet firmly on the ground despite his high rank in the school.