Parking Boy Who Saves Php 175 Coins To Treat Himself At Restaurant, Earned Praise From the Netizens

Recently, a photo of a young parking boy eating inside a restaurant caught the attention of the netizens.

In a now viral Facebook post by Yumgyeopsal-Baliwag Branch, they shared the heartwarming story of this young parking boy who was able to dine in their restaurant by saving Php 175 coins that he hardly earned from working in the parking lot outside their branch for the past several hours.

The photo was with this caption:


Lagi sya ng hihingi samen Ng ice, and ice tea

And then one day he asked my waiter how much daw ba per head, since we have kids rate (4 ft above is regular price) and he’s above 4 ft but he told him na 175 nalang pag kumaen sya, At bumalik nga ang bebe boy at May dalang barya total of P175.00

Of course we accept his payment free cheese and ice cream not because mukha kaming pera but to teach him that if he wants something he have to work for it.

I also learned that there’s nothing wrong of treating yourself when it comes to food once in a while don’t feel guilty imagine this KID treat himself nga e. Tau pa Kaya!


Photo credit: Yumgyeopsal-Baliwag Branch / Facebook

Based on the post, the young boy used to just watch the diners as they ate delicious food at the restaurant. Sometimes, he would ask for ice or iced tea from the staff – and they would gladly give him some.

One time, he asked one of the waiters from the restaurant about the price per head, and the waiter said that for him it’s at Php175.

Then one day, the young parking boy came to eat and paid in coins. They also explained in their post why they accepted his payment even if that must have surely been his last money.

Many netizens were impressed by this young boy’s way of treating himself after a hard day of work, they also praised the restaurant staff for what they did, letting him eat at a discounted price, giving him freebies and also for accepting his money to teach him a life lesson.

Some netizens said that they should have given the meal for free to the poor young boy. However, many still sided with the staff’s decision, saying what they did teach the kid a lesson about the value of hard work and enjoying the sweetness of its fruits.

source: buzzooks