Netizens are talking About this “Medyas na kulambo,” Designed for People who Can’t Sleep Without Mosquito Nets on their Feet

Are you one of those people who have a strange habit of sleeping with a mosquito net (a.k.a “kulambo”) wrapped on their feet?

Mosquito net is a type of meshed curtain that is circumferentially draped over a bed or a sleeping area. This serves as a sleeping barrier or protection against bites and stings from mosquitos, flies, and other insects that may carry some sort of disease. This mosquito nets can be made from various materials such as cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon.

Photo credits: I’m Fine | Facebook page

But while most people use their mosquito net or “kulambo” as a protection against mosquitoes and other insects that may bite them as they sleep, people with the habit of rubbing their feet on it, prefer a mosquito net rather than a blanket for sleeping. Actually, for some they use their “kulambo” not only during bedtimes but most of the time, they even bring it with them wherever they go.

Photo credits: I’m Fine | Facebook page

That’s why many find it helpful to have a mosquito net, specially designed for people who can’t sleep without it. In that case, they no longer need to bring their big mosquito net if they’re going to travel to different places.

Just recently, “I’m Fine” Facebook page shared photos of the possible solution to this, a mosquito net that looks like a sock or “medyas na kulambo.”

Based on the post, this unique mosquito net was sold at Php 95 per pair.

Photo credits: I’m Fine | Facebook page

Check out some of the comments from the netizens:

“6 of my family members are using this kind of kulambo. Very relaxing for feet.”

“Gusto ko talaga niyan, kahit saan ako magpunta, dala ko ang kulambo ko, hindi ako makatulog kapag wala iyan.”

“I love it so much! Hindi talaga ako makatulog kapag wala ‘yan sa feet ko, kaya kahit dito sa abroad, dala–dala ko ‘yan. Hindi ako nahihiya kahit sa boss ko.”

“Nakakarelax ho talaga kapag may nylon kulambo sa paa. Marami rin pala ang may ganitong hilig. Hindi naman siguro ito isyu tungkol sa “medical” kung nahihilig ka sa kulambo sa paa.”

source: definitelyfilipino