Mariel Rodriguez Shows Off Their Newly Renovated ‘Hyundai H350’ Family Van

On Monday, It’s Showtime host Mariel Padilla gave a glimpse of their newly-renovated Hyundai 350 van on her social media account.

The 34-year-old wife of the action star, Robin Padilla shared several photos of their family van and show off its customized interior in preparation for their second child.

Mariel Padilla further explained in her post that they opted to transform their van into a homier look and feel as she considers her daughter and upcoming baby.

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She wrote the caption:

“I took our Hyundai H350 for a ride last night! I was so excited because I had the interior customized for my growing family. I only [wanted] what is necessary like a TV, a table (because I eat my breakfast in the car everyday) and a toilet! Every day I spend at least 4 hours in the car because I live far from my work place so with the Manila traffic it is impossible to not pee. Robin said we should put a toilet for me. Hahaha,”

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After completing the renovation of the van, the whole family can now have comfort like home.

“It is PERFECT! The blinds, the upholstery, the sound system, the lights, the carpet and it even has a little couch that turns into a bed because I just found out [then that] I was pregnant so I said, ‘I imagine that we will go to Cuyapo and my kids will get sleepy. Gusto ko may matutulugan mga anak ko.’ Hehe. First time ko nasabi yung line na ‘mga anak ko’. I am so happy with it now! I can’t wait to go on a roadtrip,” Mariel added.

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The Kapamilya host went on to thank his husband:

“Biggest thanks of all to my loving husband, [Robin], for providing everything for us.”

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Prior to this post, the celebrity couple also took to Instagram to announce that they’re expecting another child through a post last Mother’s Day.

Mariel’s first child with husband Robin Padilla, a daughter named Maria Isabella, was born in the US on November 14, 2016, six years after they got married in a private ceremony at the Taj Mahal, India.