Man Sponsors Girl Through Medical School Who Returns The Favor By Saving His Life 11 Years Later

This kind-hearted man in China sponsored a girl’s education who was struggling to survive after her family was hit by a massive earthquake 11 years ago. Little did he know she would be the same girl responsible for saving his life.

The girl, known as Tam Ling, came from a family of five and was born in a poor family. Her father was a disabled person while her mother was constantly stricken with illnesses. As the eldest child in the family, Tam Ling had to take care of her two younger siblings.

Unfortunately, their family home in Sichuan was destroyed after a large earthquake, with a registered magnitude of 7.9 struck their place in 2008. Based on the report, this earthquake left close to 70,000 casualties and injured a quarter of a million people.

Since Tam Ling’s family couldn’t afford to rebuild their home, they were forced to take shelter at their neighbor’s house.

One day, a man named Zheng Hua came across the girl, Tam Ling’s background reminded him of his own childhood. Just like her, he was also born to a poor farmer’s family. He knew how it felt like to live in a poor family, that’s why he decided to help the little girl by offering assistance. The man gave his phone number and told her to give him a call when she graduates from high school.

After Tam Ling’s graduation, her father called up Zheng Hua and requested him to mentor her daughter. The man kept his promise to send her to college, he even recommended Tam Ling to enroll in North Sichuan Medical College and paid her first year of tuition fees. Aside from that, he also financed both of her younger sister’s education.

Eventually, Tam Ling became a certified optometrist and found work at a local hospital.

Last March 19, Zheng Hua was taken to the hospital when he suddenly fainted while at work. The doctors found that he suffered from brain aneurysm.

After learning that he would be transferred to the hospital where she was working, Tam Ling immediately arranged everything for him because Zheng Hua’s wife was working in another place.

Tam Ling together with her husband assisted him through the admission process, signed the papers, and accompanied him for checkups, until 4am the following day.

Thanks to Tam Ling’s help, her former sponsor’s condition was treated fast and eventually brought under control as he did not need to undergo surgery like other patients.

Zheng Hua said:

“11 years ago, I put her through the medical school. 11 years later, she saved my life! I shared this story because I want to motivate others to spread kindness!”