Luiz Manzano Makes Everyone Laugh at his Comment After Netizen Disrespected his GF Jessy Mendiola on Instagram

TV host and actor Luis Manzano replied to a netizen’s malicious comment on one of his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola’s Instagram posts where she shared a photo and video of herself during a workout session.

In the comments section, a netizen’s comment on Jessy’s post caught Luis’ attention after the Instagram user wrote: “Sarap dilaan pawis mo.”

Due to this foul and disgusting comment, Luis was triggered to reply an equally disgusting banter to the one who disrespected his girlfriend.

However, this action by the TV host and actor garnered different reactions from the netizens in the comments section of Fashion Pulis’ post, with some saying:

“patol ng patol si Luis bawat mag comment, ang daming time.”

“haha sa lahat ng maiisip ni Luis yan pa talaga!”

“Bastos ang comment tama lang bastusin siya ni Luis!”

“They’re obviously enjoying the attention and their patol antics. If not, they couldve turned off the comment section”

“I get he’s being a protective bf but I think the more you patol the more you are encouraging people to do it para lang to annoy you more and have you hurriedly typing witty responses.”

On the previous report by KAMI, Jessy made an appeal to his male friends to avoid holding her waist when taking a photo together.

Jessica Mendiola Tawile better known as Jessy Mendiola is a Filipino actress who played the titular character in the 2013 remake of the 1992 Mexican telenovela Marie Mercedes. She then played other lead roles in movies alongside famous and veteran actors. She was recognized as the No. 1 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines by the men’s magazine FHM Philippines in 2016 and landed fourth place in the same list of sexiest women in the Philippines a year after.

Jessy’s name got involved in a series of controversies after becoming the girlfriend of Luis Manzano, with numerous fans accusing her of being the reason why Luis and Angel Locsin broke up in the first place.

source: kami