Look: One-Armed Pinoy Artist Amazed The Netizens With His Ballpoint Pen Artworks

If someone got the talent, discipline and the passion, then it’s not impossible for them to illustrate their vision even if they don’t have two hands that are working properly, this was proven by this one-armed Pinoy artist who is currently making rounds on various social media platforms.

In a recent Facebook post, a netizen named Miecah Patiño shared some photos of a one-armed artist who sells his ballpoint pen artworks at the Manila City Hall underpass.

Based on her post, the man stays in his usual spot at the underpass where his impressive ballpoint pen artworks are also displayed.

Photo credits: Miecah Patiño | Facebook

“Hi, guys! I didn’t catch kuya’s name pero I hope na matulungan natin siya. Gumagawa po siya ng drawings by ballpen and p’wede din po magpa-drawing kayo sa kanya ng portraits n’yo,” the post says.

Miecah added that the man doesn’t set any price for his work and it’s up to the buyers how much they want to pay him. She then urged people who happen to pass by him to donate some art materials such as paints, notebooks, and brushes.

“It’s up to you kung magkano ipepresyo n’yo. Hindi po siya nagpepresyo. And if may extra kayong pang-painting like poster paints, notebooks, or brushes, p’wede din n’yo pong i-donate sa kanya. Thank you, guys! Take time to visit kuya anytime nanroon daw po siya lagi,” she added.

Many netizens were impressed by the one-armed man’s talent in drawing and his determination in life.

In fact, his inspiring story has reached Twitter and the post quickly went viral, with over 19k likes and 17k retweets as of this writing.

Here are some of the comments in the post:

“Saludo kami sa ‘yo.”

“Sumikat sana si sir.”

“We need to help him po kasi with a talent like that, he can improve much better and he could be a very talented artist! Pray for him.”

source: virtualpinoy