Look: Alex Gonzaga Revealed How Much She Earns From YouTube Vlogging

Kapamilya actress and TV host Alex Gonzaga is known for her candid and “kalog” brand of comedy. She is also considered as the most popular vlogger in local showbiz today, with more than 3.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Alex’s vlog covers a wide of range of topics such as her personal vacations here and abroad, behind-the-scenes footage of her shows, viral challenges, her private life with her family, covers of popular songs with a comedic twist, and a lot more.

Having an average of millions of views per video, many people are wondering how much she really earns from YouTube vlogging.

Recently, Alex appeared as a guest alongside her sister Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzalez in TV host Boy Abunda’s show “Inside the Cinema,” where she was asked about her earnings as a YouTube vlogger.

“How much can an influencer earn?” Boy Abunda asked.

The 31-year-old actress did not give the exact amount of money, but she later shared that she is able to earn as much as “six digits” from creating videos.

“Here in the Philippines, I get ‘yung percentage sa ads na pumapasok sa akin. It can range from, mostly nag-6 digits talaga siya,” Alex said.

Alex further explained how earning from YouTube works, she said that she was earning from the advertisements (ads) that were placed on her videos. Which means that the more videos and views you have, the more ads coming in and more revenue.

Meanwhile, Alex said that there are chances that videos may be demonetized or will not be paid when the video has a violation made like copyright infringement.

She also mentioned that English-speaking vloggers with an international audience have the potential to earn more than someone like her, who mostly speaks Filipino when creating her videos.

According to a recent article by Renderforest, a vlogger can earn around $ 0.50 to $ 2 per one thousand (1,000) views, on the average, it can also depend on the location of the viewers as well as the target audience.