Husband Shared Reasons Why He Entrusts Whole Salary To His Wife, “Women Budget Better than Men”

Many people would agree that when it comes to saving, spending and investing money women have better management skills than men.

Take the story of this husband as a good example of why he believes that entrusting his whole salary to his wife is one of the best things to do.

Facebook user Kevz Ching recently shared a lengthy post on how grateful he is for his wife, Bhey Nerviol Viduya, who budgets their money every month.

The husband proudly shared that for the entire six years he had been working, he rarely handles his ATM Cards because it’s always been his wife who carries all of it.

But if you would ask Kevz his reason, it is simply because he believes that “women budget better than men.”

He further explained that he allowed this to happen not because he is ‘under the saya’ or is scared of his wife, but because he knows how hard it is to budget their monthly spendings.

“Hindi ‘eh. Nakikita ko kasi kung paano magbudget ang asawa ko para matustusan ang pang-araw-araw namin hanggang sa susunod na sahod ko,” Kevz continued.

Although many people think that budgeting is an easy task, the reality is it’s very difficult to do, especially now that almost everything is getting more expensive.

“Kung iisipin mo lang iyong pagbubudget parang madali lang kasi eh. ‘Di ka lang gagastos, makakapag-ipon ka na. Pero in reality, hindi ganun kadali ang ginagawa nila. Sa sobrang dami ng bayarin at nagmamahal na presyo, sobrang hirap ang pagbubudget,” he added

He also admitted he once felt a bit deprived knowing nothing of his salary goes to him. But he soon realized its importance and felt happy that he’s able to provide for his family’s needs.

Kevz wrote, “Minsan ko na din naisip na trabaho ako nang trabaho pero parang walang napupunta sa akin. Pero hindi pala sa akin yun. Sa AMIN ‘yun, masaya ako dahil nagagawa ko iyong part ko na maging provider para sa mga needs namin at minsan yung wants namin. Hehe.”

He went on and advised other men to find a life partner who knows how to handle money properly.

“Kahit gaano kaliit o kalaki ang kinikita ninyo, kung hindi naman marunong magbudget iyong partner mo, wala din iyan,” he added.

In the last part of his post, Kevz said that seeing his family happy and well cared for is worth all the hard work.

“Kaya wag mo ng isipin kung walang napupunta sayo. I assure you, makita mo lang komportable at masaya ang pamilya mo, mawawala lahat ng pagod mo sa trabaho.”

source: virtualpinoy