Heartbreaking Story Of An Elderly Woman Who Passed Away After Preparing Meal For His Son On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood. In different parts of the world, this special day is observed in different forms and is celebrated on various dates, but in many countries, it is held on the second Sunday of May.

In the recent celebration of Mother’s day, a lot of women got the chance to celebrate motherhood with their children and loved ones, however, not all mothers were able to experience the happiness of being surrounded by their family on this special day.

Based on a report, an old woman who lived alone passed away at her home. Her neighbors quickly alerted the authorities after they smell a strong stench coming from her house, fearing that something bad might have happened to her.

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When the police and the fire department entered the house, they discovered the corpse of an old woman who had passed away four days earlier as her body was already covered with insects.

There was no one else in the house when they found her lifeless body.

Later, Liu, who is a funeral service business owner was called to handle the remains of the elderly woman.

Although it’s not the first time for him to encounter emotional situations like this because of his job as a mortician, this case of this elderly woman who passed away due to myocardial infection saddens him the most.

“This case never fails to strike an emotional chord in my heart,” he said.

At the scene, Liu noticed that the dining table was full of home-cooked dishes as if she was waiting for someone to come home for a celebration.

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“I saw the dinner table was full of food so I was curious. Why would the elderly woman prepared so much food?” Liu said.

The authorities were able to identify the woman and contacted her relatives. They managed to contact her son and informed him about what happened to his mother. The son broke down in tears after learning that his mother had prepared a meal for them to celebrate Mother’s day.

According to him, he was working in Singapore and when he returned to Taiwan, he had planned to come home for Mother’s Day celebration but he was too busy with his work.

It turned out that the woman had already prepared a lot of food for her son, but he was unable to come home immediately as he had to attend to some work-related matters.

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During the day of the incident, the woman took a shower, but that was when she suddenly collapsed because of her heart condition. Her lifeless body was only found after four days.

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“The son’s tears of regret can never bring back his dead mother to life,” Liu said.

Liu shared this story on social media to give an important message to everyone: “No matter how busy you are, don’t forget that there is an old mother who is always waiting for you at home.”

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