Hard Working Single Mom Sells Fish at the Market just to Send her Son To Medical School Who is Now a Doctor

Being a single mom is not easy, but this 55-year-old mother proved that she would do anything so that her son could achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

Nanita Ronquillo is a fish vendor in the market who works tirelessly and earns around P1,000 every day. But although she may not earn much from selling fish, that did not stop her from sending her son to medical school.

Photo Credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

After finding out that her former husband cheated on her and had a new family, Nanita decided to leave him and never asked for his help in raising their son, John Nico Ronquillo. Nanita then went on to sell fish in the market to provide for their needs.

Although life has been tough for a single mom like her. She needs to be tougher to make sure that her son could achieve a better life.

The fish vendor mom leaves her house as early as 5am every day and stays at the market until 12, but if there is still a lot of fish left to be sold she will return in the afternoon and spend up to 5 to 6pm at the market.

The job was physically demanding and smelly. However, Nanita mustered up all her strength and courage to support her family and send her son to a good school.

Even though life was hard, Nanita did not mind making these sacrifices for her son.

“Whatever happens, both of us can work it out together. Whatever dream you have, you can achieve it,” she told her son.

While Nanita often earns Php1,000 (USD 19) a day, there were also days when she barely earned anything. Because of their financial situation, there were times when John had to quit school because they could not afford the fees. This led to him to complete the 4-year course in 6 years.

Despite this, Nanita continued to support her son and always pushed him to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Photo Credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

John managed to graduate from medical school with his mother’s sacrifice, and of course his determination.

Photo Credit: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Now that he’s working, John hopes he could return the favor to his mom and give his mother the life she deserves. He also plans to do his best as a doctor and to find a treatment for his mother’s heart disease.

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