Graphic Artist’s Photos Of The Winter Version Of Metro Manila, Goes Viral

Filipinos all over the country are feeling the burn and the sweat, especially during this summer months of April and May.

While many people rely on a full blast AC in their room, refreshing food and drinks, or a trip to the beach just to lessen the feeling of summer heat, this graphic artist from Parañaque has his own unique gimmick on how to beat this flaming summer-feels in Manila.

A Facebook user named Kurt Ian Ferrer, who happens to be a talented graphic artist uploaded a winter version of Metro Manila, where the streets are covered with beautiful white snow and people are wearing winter outfits to keep them warm.

Photo credits: Kurt Ian Ferrer | Facebook

Based on his post, Kurt just tried to figure out what Metro Manila would look like if we were to experience winter in the country.

“I tested how would it look like if Philippines could sometimes experience winter,” he said.

One of the photos shows vehicles crossing the snow-filled streets under a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, while the other photo seems to be a street with different stores and trees with its leaves and branches covered with snow.

Kurt also added a ‘twist’ in one of the photos by placing a ‘taho’ vendor, which is known to be a perfect snack in the country during cold weather.

“I do think it’s good practice to take real world stuff and put a twist on them, mmmm… hot taho,” he added.

The edited photos immediately caught the attention of the netizens who were amazed by his entertaining artwork.

Photo credits: Kurt Ian Ferrer | Facebook

Many seem to like his idea and would also love to experience the winter season because of the warm weather in the Philippines today.

“OMG I love this concept! This is great!” one netizen said.

Another netizen said in jest that he forgot to include some garbage on the sides which is a ‘trademark’ of the streets in Manila. “Ohemgee you forgot to add the frozen basuras and kalats everywhere.”

Kurt replied that at all the garbage was just covered by the snow.

The talented graphic also mentioned that the original photo he used in editing was taken from Google maps.