Good News: Flight Attendant Jobs Now Open For High School Graduates

Working as a flight attendant will allow you to travel to different destinations around the world for free. This job is considered as one of the loveliest careers in the world today, that’s why many Filipinos dream of becoming a flight attendant.

However, starting a career in this industry is not quite easy, you will need to meet all the requirements that airline companies have.

Most of these companies require flight attendants to have at least 2 years course in college. But there are also some that don’t require their applicants to have a college level.

In a recent Facebook post of becoming a Flight Attendant Philippines, the page has released a set of requirements for major airline companies in the country for this year.

Flight Attendants are in many ways the faces of airlines, their primary duty is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights by adhering to safety regulations with the Federal Aviation Administration.

But now that some airline companies are accepting high school graduates, aspiring FA applicants also have more chances to fulfill their dream.

Photo credits: Become a Flight Attendant Philippines | Facebook

Here are some of the common qualifications of airline companies in recruiting flight attendants in the Philippines: Has completed at least 2 years in college; preferably single; preferably 27 years old and below; excellent communication skills in English both oral and written; at least 5’3’’ in height and weight must be in proportion to their body; with a well groomed-professional image; nice set of teeth, catchy smile; and with mature, positive attitude, flexibility and pleasing personality.

While flight attendants have their own course, these airline companies also welcome applicants who are graduates of other courses.

The starting salary of a flight stewardess ranges from P18,000 to P26,000 and can increase from P36,000- P54,000 depending on the training and experience, according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

So what are you waiting for? You may check on the Facebook account of becoming a Flight Attendant Philippines to learn more on how to become part of these airline companies.

source: definitelyfilipino