Expert Said that Too Much Talking Is Not Good For Your Health

These days, people with great communication skills usually end up making friends easily because it is easier for them to approach and engage with other people.

Every day, we talk to someone in order to give information or express ideas or feelings. Talking or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words is our primary way to relay a message with other people and communicate with them.

However, one specialist has recently warned about the danger of too much talking or excessive talkativeness in our health.

According to Dr. Archie Ramos, an ENT (eyes, nose, throat) specialist or also called otolaryngologists, excessive voice usage has a negative impact on our health, particularly in the throat area.

Too much talking and shouting can damage and cause inflammation in the vocal cords and ‘voice box’ of our throat, which can lead to loss or hoarse voice.

Dr. Ramos said, “Minsan [kapag] madaldal po talaga, naaabuso po iyong vocal cords at namamaga po siya.” he also added that the condition can also worsen if people will not take care of their voice.

The ENT specialist explained that things like this usually happen to people who use their voice in their work more often like singers, sales representative and call center agents.

“Minsan sa lifestyle. Napapansin na nating nagbabago pa lang nang kaunti ang boses, pipilitin pa nating magsalita. Trabaho pa nang trabaho hangga’t sa hangin na lang ang lumalabas,”

Dr. Ramos also explained the importance of taking proper care of your voice and throat as there are instances where the voice of some patients disappeared permanently.

He then advised people to consume warm water and other home remedies that are proven to help soothe our throats. Dr. Ramos called it ‘proper voice care’ and ‘proper hydration,’ which, according to him can definitely affect people’s voice and throat.

source: definitelyfilipino