8 Easy Ways to Do if a Fish-bone Stuck in your Throat

One of the healthiest meat is known to be found from a fish because of its omega-3 fatty acid and protein content which is good for a growing person.

But some of this meat could only be taken from fishes that has thousands of bones like thorns. Improper consumption of fish meat could harm your throat and organs inside the body due to pricking and choking.

Having an extra care before consuming such types of meat could help you enjoy your fish meat while preventing you from harming your throat. Getting your throat pricked with fish bone could result in tissue injury and severe esophageal infections.

Here are some of the effective solution to assist you in taking care of fish bone that pricks your throat:

Small banana

One of the effective means of taking care of that Fishbone is through swallowing a banana. It will help you from clearing out the fishbone because it will stick on the banana. Just ingest a lot of water afterward.


The fishbone could be removed by simply coughing it off if it is not pierced deeply enough. It could also make the muscles in the esophagus contract and provide a force that could push the thorn outward.

Salt and Water

Putting a small amount of salt in a glass of water and ingesting it would help you get through that pierced fish bone in your esophagus. It could also prevent infection if there is an injury from the pierced tissue.


It could help you clear off anything that pierces or stuck on your throat because of its sticky materials and spongy texture which could be easily ingested. Take a glass of water until the marshmallow and the thorn is dragged down from your throat.


Just take a handful of rice that could forcefull plunge down the thorn on your throat towards your stomach. Make sure that the rice is tender and soft enough to be ingested fully.

Olive Oil

Ingesting olive oil could make the thorn slippery. It will make it slide down towards the stomach.


You can also remove the thorn that pricks inside your throat through the ingestion of a soft bread that is dipped in water or milk. Make sure you had taken it wholly to provide a more downward pressure towards the stomach.

Seek A Medical Assistance

The thorn could be removed by a professional if the above procedure could provide enough help. Having severe pain and bleeding is a significant symptom for you to seek a medical doctor to provide a much more effective healthcare aid to prevent worse scenarios such as infection and severe bleeding.

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