Young Couple Converts 25-Year-Old School Bus Into Dream House

This young couple from Georgia decided to look for a different housing option after the rent of their Atlanta apartment increased by a whopping 25 percent.

But little did they know, after letting go of their 1,000-square-foot one bedroom apartment, their home would soon be converted into a fully-functional dream home through a 25-year-old school bus.

Andrew and Julie Puckett, who are both Folk band musicians have decided to purchase a 1990 Blue Bird bus. Now, the young couple is living in their less than 250-square-foot home.

Initially, the couple was interested in purchasing a tiny house, which has gained popularity across their country these days, but they soon realized the price for such a small home was beyond their expected budget.

Then, Julie heard about a listing for an old converted school bus. They talked about it and eventually decided to get one and just parked it in the street for their semi-bohemian semi-hippie lifestyle.

The Pucketts cashed their savings and purchased the 25-year-old school bus for $10,000, and another $1,000 for the renovation that took them five months to finish.

The couple’s respective families supported them in the drastic choice they made and they even help them with the renovations and creating custom furniture for their home.

After all the tremendous work, Andrew and Julie were able to move into their fully livable home.

Their space includes a bedroom, a toilet, a small kitchen, and a tiny shared closet. As well as a full shower with an on-demand water heater, wood floors, and even a table that lifts up and becomes a room for their dog and cat.

Andrew and Julie’s efforts not only helped them convert the 25-year-old bus into a house but also into a home, which also helped them cut their expenses for the monthly rent.

For now, they still continue to document their day-to-day living and downsizing experience on a blog named House Bus.

Julie and Andrew's Converted School Bus Home