Xian Gaza Shared How He Was Able To Sneak Out Of The Country Last Year

Two years ago, Christian Albert Gaza or more popularly known as “Xian Gaza” caught the public attention when he asked actress Erich Gonzales for a date using a billboard in Morayta, Manila.

Just recently, the controversial man once again made headlines after he shared how he was able to sneak out of the country on September 30, 2018, despite having three standing warrants of arrest, and after being found guilty of using a bouncing check.

“A THREAD: ‘PAANO LUMABAS NG BANSANG PILIPINAS NG MAY TATLONG WARRANTS AT LIMANG TAONG SENTENSIYA’. Warning: The following heart-pumping storyline thread are based on real-life events of yours truly Christian Albert Gaza on 30th of September year 2018,” says the post.

He narrated the story using a “photo essay,” a series of photos on how he successfully made it from the check-in counter of the terminal up to his plane seat booked in Hong Kong.

Xian had it all planned out, he purchased three tickets and shared how he went through the immigration counter to check if his name was responsible for the law.

Although the airline crew was calling for all the Hong Kong-bound passengers to board the flight within five minutes, he insisted to fall in line because he wanted to make sure he will be last the passenger to enter the plane.

He claimed that the immigration officer identified that his name had “red flags,” referring to three warrants of arrest, two bench warrants, and the execution of [imprisonment] sentence, but allowed him to proceed to the boarding gate since he had no hold departure order (HDO) to his name and was not included in the watch list of the Department of Justice. However, the immigration officer told him about their protocol that she would need to notify the police that he was leaving the country.

As he entered the boarding area, the airline was already announcing the final call for boarding and that they were calling out his name.

“Final call for boarding final call for boarding, Hong Kong bound flight 5J272, passenger Christian Albert Gaza. Again, Mr. Christian Albert Gaza, please proceed now to gate 1-0-9. The gate is about to close. This is your final call.”

His name was called to make sure he had boarded the plane, and not because the police would stop him.

As Xian sat on his assigned seat, he immediately looked out at the window because he knew that he would only see this county for one last moment.

“Pagkaupo ko sa assigned seat ko, dumungaw ako sa bintana, very emotional Xian. Alam ko na kasi sa sarili ko na yun na yung mga huling sandali ko sa pinakamamahal kong bansang Pilipinas.”

He also said that he prefers to have a new identity and a new citizenship to get started in his new life.

source: definitelyfilipino