Woman Wears 4kgs Of Clothing To Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fee

Many passengers unpacked their luggage to lower the number of items so the weight would be within the allowable limits. Because for some people, spending extra money for an excess baggage fee can be considered as a burden.

But this woman got very creative at the airport when the airline tried to charge her for overweight baggage.

30-year-old, Natalie Wynn was stopped while boarding a Thomas Cook flight when the security officer weighed her 9.4kg baggage. She was told that it was over the limit of 6kg and could not be taken into the cabin.

According to her, she had booked an all-inclusive trip, which means that her travel cost and food and drinks were already paid for, that’s why she doesn’t want to consider paying an additional cost for just a baggage fee.

Natalie started pulling clothes out of her suitcase and putting them on her body before she boarded her flight just to avoid the $85 excess baggage charge.

“I didn’t want to be using the little amount I had just so I could get my bag on the plane. I literally said, ‘I’m not paying it’, and started putting my clothes on,” Natalie said.

She nearly wore half of her luggage, Natalie put on seven dresses, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, a skirt and a cardigan.

Natalie’s move caught the attention of her fellow passengers. She said that other passengers laughed at her, but they also offered to pack some of the clothes in their own cases when they saw how she was planning to avoid the extra fee.

She also recalled her experience while wearing all of those clothing, “I was boiling, absolutely boiling. I still had plenty in my case but I put near enough half of what I’ve put on.”

Natalie’s friend whose baggage was also over the allowed limit followed her steps.

Luckily, she was told by a flight attendant that once she boarded the plane, she could take off all the extra clothes. So, she did and managed to put everything back in her suitcase.

source: people