This Guy From Hong Kong Flies To Philippines To Take Care Of Her Sick Former Nanny

We’ve heard a lot of horrific stories about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have experienced different levels of abuse and maltreatment from their employers.

Although that’s the case, there are also many of them who are still lucky to have found kind-hearted employers that treated them as their own family.

Just like the story of this domestic helper from Hong Kong, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer that requires immediate operation.

54-year-old Remelyn Zubiaga Yumul discovered about her health condition when she went to Yanchai Hospital in Tsuen Wan for a checkup because of stomach pain. She was surprised when the doctors said that they have to admit her in the hospital to further evaluate her condition.

The doctors told her that she had ovarian cancer and she needs to undergo an immediate operation because it’s already spreading to her lungs and appendix.

Remelyn was entitled to medical care in Hong Kong as long as she was employed. But instead of having her treatment there, she decided to go home to the Philippines to seek treatment.

Luckily, her kind employers allowed her and even gave her two months’ worth of vacation leave so she could have money for her treatment.

Together with her sibling, Remelyn went to Capiz Doctors Hospital in Roxas City to have her medication, she underwent surgery last March 13, and is set to undergo chemo treatment on April 22.

During her stay in Hong Kong, Remelyn also worked for the family of Fai (Philip) Tse. She worked as Phillip’s nanny since he was a baby until she moved to another employer when he turned 19.

The Tse family considers Remelyn as part of their family and they still kept in touch with her, even though she was already working with another employer. When they learned about her condition, Philip immediately booked a flight to the Philippines so he could take care of his former nanny even for just a few days.

Philip, who is now 31 years old spent 4 days in Roxas City to show his love to the woman who had cared for him when he was just a child.

For Remelyn, it was a happy and memorable event that she will forever treasure in her heart.

source: buzzooks