The Story of How This Woman Fell In Love With a Homeless Man, Now Married with Twins

True love can be found literally anywhere, such is the story of this woman named Emmy Abrahamson, whose life was changed forever when he met a dirty homeless man living in a bush.

In 2006, Emmy was waiting for a friend in Amsterdam when she was approached by a homeless man named Vic Kocula who confidently struck up a conversation with her.

Little did she know, this man would be her husband and father of her kids.

According to Emmy, at first glance, she can tell that he was sleeping rough because of his dirty clothes and hair, but she was captivated with the homeless man’s beautiful brown eyes.

“Straight away I could see that he was homeless because he was very dirty and so were his hands and fingernails. He was holding a briefcase which I thought only crazy people did, and later on I found out that’s where he held his sleeping bag and cans of beer,” Emmy said.

“We started chatting and I realise that he had the most beautiful brown eyes I’d ever seen and he made me laugh straight away,” she added.

Emmy and Vic chatted for ten minutes and there was a chemistry, so they arranged to meet again on the same bench five days later. They met again on the same bench and spend the day in each other’s company. Emmy immediately felt drawn to him, despite his appearance and Vic was drawn to her, as well.

Vic loved the way that she was so comfortable just to be herself, since he was comfortable being himself, too. However, Emmy had to return to Vienna, Austria, where she was living at the time and thought that she’d never see him again.

Three weeks later, Vic contacted her to say that he is coming to Austria to find her. The two had several more dates and later got married and now the couple has 6-year-old twins called Desta and Til.

Explaining how he came to be living on the street Vic said that he is a backpacker from America. He was backpacking across Europe when he ran out of money. He then decided not to return to the US and resorted to begging on the streets, which also led him into a downward spiral of heavy drinking.

But with Emmy’s encouragement, Vic transformed his life around and studied electrical engineering.