Reasons Why Kris Aquino Don’t Want Bimby To Play Basketball

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino admits that she would rather have her son away from doing basketball or any other team sports. 11-year-old Bimby is Kris Aquino’s son with ex-husband basketball player James Yap.

The 48-year-old celebrity mom and her children are currently in Japan for a vacation.

Photo credits: krisaquino | Instagram

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Kris Aquino shared her conversation with youngest son, Bimby about playing basketball.

Kris wrote: “He asked me tonight… if it was okay that he was naturally good in basketball? WHOA. Poor him to feel I’d feel bad about something he was good at.”

Based on her story, they went to an amusement center, where his youngest son enjoyed playing badminton, sharp shooting, boxing and basketball.

Photo credits: krisaquino | Instagram

“He was able to make a half court shot in basketball,” she shared.

“I promised him when we get home, he can choose all the sports he likes and he can immediately enroll in boxing and badminton but I think the firing range will have to wait until he’s 18. About basketball, it’s a team sport, so medyo mahirap apurahin and this is one instance where sensitivities have to be taken into careful consideration. I couldn’t be happier that my 2 are experiencing so much & being regular kids during this trip,” she added.

Photo credits: krisaquino | Instagram

Having a basketball star father, it’s no surprise why many people often say that there’s a big chance that Bimby would also follow his father’s footsteps in court when the right time comes.

In the comment section, Kris explained more about her personal issues why she wouldn’t want to see Bimby playing basketball.

“I have 2 issues – 1st the high expectations because of all his dad achieved. 2nd kung intentional na sikuhin o sapakin sya, sasabunutan ko ung nanay nung gumawa,” Kris said.

The mom of two has always been open about everything that’s happening in her life. She usually answers questions her fans would throw to her when she has the time.

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