One-legged Girl Who Walks 4 KM Every Day To Go To School Inspires Many Netizens

We’ve heard a lot of stories of students living in the province who need to walk many kilometers just to go to their school. Some of them have to cross a river and walk under the scorching heat of the sun so they can finish their studies.

But the sad reality is there are also some who need to deal with this situation despite having physical disabilities. Just like the heartwarming story of this young lady named Jean Arija Daipal, she only has one leg yet she strives hard to go to school every day.

Jean would walk to and from her school in Toboso, Negros Occidental for about 4 kilometers using her crutches.

Every day, the young lady tries her best to attend her classes no matter how difficult her situation might be. Jean was determined to study and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor someday to help others like her to live a better life.

Last April 4, school principal, Junar T Mahilum shared Jean’s story on his Facebook account. He admired the young lady’s determination and wished that she would be an inspiration to other young people so they would try their best to work with their dreams, no matter what their status in life or the problems they are facing.

The school principal also shared that in her younger elementary years, they had given Jean an award for her efforts and determination in going to school despite her disability. This led her to feel more inspired and encouraged to pursue her studies.

Jean wishes to continue with her studies in junior high school, but she is also hoping that someone would help her obtain an artificial leg so she can walk easier to school.

According to Mr. Mahilum, he was greatly touched by this young lady’s effort in making education as her priority, that’s why he has decided to share her story on social media in hopes that someone might be able to help her out.

The principal post an update after the post went viral, saying that he received a lot of message from concerned netizen who wished to offer financial assistance for Jean. There were also some who expressed willingness to help her get the artificial leg she needed.

source: buzzooks