Look: This Man Accidentally Bought an iPad After Getting Drunk

Many drunk people have done less-than-intelligent things while under the influence of alcohol. Some people become completely emotional after being reminded about their life problems, while others gain the courage to say or do something that they’re afraid of.

We’ve also heard about some people who ended up with strange purchases that they barely may or may not remember doing. Just like the story of this man who recently shared his unforgettable experience of spending a huge amount of money after getting too drunk.

A Twitter user with the handle @polalaluna tweeted about his most recent purchase that sparked different reactions from the netizens.

He simply wrote: “SINONG NALASING TAPOS BUMILI NG IPAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA **** self! Well, advance happy birthday.”

(Who got drunk and bought an iPad HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA **** self! Well advance happy birthday.)

Based on his post, it appears that he purchased an iPad without him knowing because he is too drunk that day. After blaming himself for buying this expensive gadget, he just thought of it as an advance gift for his birthday.

After receiving a lot of attention on Twitter, his post was also shared on Facebook last April 2 through Sad and Happy Feelings Facebook page, where many netizens expressed their opinion over his lavish ‘drunk act.’

The said Facebook post has received more than 16,000 reactions and 17,000 shares as of this writing.

Many netizens find it hilarious and at the same time amusing that he still managed to go to the iStore and talked properly to the sales personnel, despite his condition.

There are also some who shared their own funny experience while they were drunk.

Check out some of their comments below:

“Grabe sya malasing. Ako nalasing tamang tulog lng sa sahig habang kayakap ang basurahan eh. HAHA.”

“Nung nalasing ako, nakatulog ako sa daan. Walang bili bili. Wala nga akong pamasahe pauwi e. Naubos nga pera mo sa inom diba?”

“Yung lasing na bumili ng tilapia tapos nilagay sa backpack na walang plastic.”

source: trendszilla