Look: Guys Got Tired of Picking Their Friend Up So They Bought Him New Car as a Gift

A video currently making rounds online captured this amazing and hilarious moment when these guys came together to purchase a car for their friend because they are tired of picking him up all the time.

Recently, a Twitter user named Asanda Goduka, who works at a car dealership in South Africa shared a video of a group of men at a car showroom who just bought a new car for their friend.

“These guys bought their friend a car cause they are tired of picking him up, such brotherhood. God bless this friendship,” she wrote in the post.

According to her, the men in the video were getting tired of picking up their friend all the time, so they have decided to gift him a car in general so they don’t have to pick him up each day.

In the video clip, the lucky guy can be seen quite ecstatic as his friend surprised him with this expensive gift. He really couldn’t believe what he sees and eventually climbs into the car and gets emotional because of the heartwarming gesture made by his friends.

In return, his friends told him that he had to buy them breakfast for the next two weeks. But he was literally lost for words at that moment.

Many netizens loved the story and the post has since been retweeted over 7,000 times. There are also some who wished to have extremely generous friends like these guys.

One Twitter user said that the bond that these guys have is more than just mere friendship.

“Sometimes water is thicker than blood.. This ain’t friendship. It’s a family. He’s probably been there for them through their thick and thins, and they’re the blessed ones for having him,” the netizen wrote.

It is also possible that these guys were just joking about being tired of picking their friend up all the time and just wanted to help their friend in need. This guy is indeed blessed to have so many great friends in his life.

source: elitereaders