Honest Student From Guimaras Finds And Return Waterproof Case With Expensive Gadgets To Its Owner

This 20-year-old BIT Automotive graduate was admired for his honesty after he returned a Pelican case which contains expensive gadgets that he found floating in the middle of Guimaras sea.

Nichol Tagudin is a resident of Brgy. Umilig, Buenavista, in the province of Guimaras.

Based on his story, he went fishing with his father when he suddenly noticed a case floating in the sea. He then decided to get the case to see what’s inside. When he opened the case, Nichol was surprised to see expensive gadgets such as iPhone XS Max 256Gb, power bank, and other pieces of stuff.

But instead of keeping the items, the honest young man immediately tried to find ways to search for the owner of the said gadgets.

It turned out that the case belongs to a 14-year-old teen named Ethan Atienza, who had lost his Pelican case while driving their jet ski from Lakawon Island, Cadiz City to Manapla, Negros Occidental.

The story was shared on Facebook by Ethan’s father, Giff Atienza, who was amazed by the young man’s dedication to honesty.

Based on his post, his son was driving their jet ski when he accidentally fell and lost the case. Six days after the incident, they were informed that the case was found by someone from Guimaras and it turned out that the case had traveled 50 miles in the sea before it was found.

Giff and Ethan traveled from Bacolod City to Guimaras to get the case and thank the honest young man.

To show his gratitude, he gave Nichol Php11,000 as a reward for his honesty and also offered him a job after he learned that Nichol was looking for one.

He also congratulated Nichol’s parents for raising a God-fearing and honest son.

“Your school, your parents, your friends and everyone around you is very proud of you! Thank you Nichol!

“And to your proud parents FLORENCIO TAGUDIN JR. and VICKY TAGUDIN you raised your son very well, God Fearing and again, Honest! Thank you and may God Bless You always!”

source: rachfeed