Emirati Woman Woke Up After 27 Years in Coma

Nearly three decades after she went into a coma, an Emirati woman finally opened her eyes last year, but her family decided to keep the miraculous story in wraps until her condition stabilized.

Last Wednesday, April 24, Munira Abdulla’s family revealed that she regained her consciousness after spending 27 years in a coma induced by a severe brain injury.

Based on the report, Munira was only 32 when she was seriously injured in a road traffic accident in 1991, after picking up her then-4-year-old son Omar from school in the city of Al-Ain.

The little boy survived the accident with a bruise to his head and lived to see his mother awake again, decades later in a German Hospital, where she had been transferred for medical care.

In a recent phone interview, Omar told AFP: “I always believed that my mother would get better.”

“Many doctors had told us not to expect much after being in a coma for 15 or 20 years, but I would not accept that. This is all in God’s hands, and I never lost hope,” he added.

Photo credits: Twitter

Omar, who is now 32, said that he never failed to visit his mother, he even traveled to Germany to be with his mother during her stay there, and rarely left her side.

According to him, his mother woke up in May 2018, but their family chose to keep the news under wraps, out of respect for her privacy.

Now 60, Munira is in a stable condition and can hold conversations and tell her doctors when she’s feeling pain. She is also back in the UAE, with her family nearby after being enrolled in a physical rehabilitation program.

“We wanted to make sure that she was in a stable condition before we went public to share our experience.”

“We felt like we needed to share the story to give people going through the same or similar experiences hope,” Omar explained.

source: timesofisrael