Cambodian Groom Who Married His Own Sister Brought Tears Of Sadness To Everyone

Getting married was indeed one of the best days in life, but for this groom in Cambodia what he had experienced on his wedding day is the exact opposite of it, when his bride-to-be suddenly disappeared right before the ceremony.

Tears of sadness flowed when the poor groom ended up marrying his own sister as a replacement of her runaway bride.

This biological brother and sister from Cambodia recently tied the knot last April 8 just to ‘complete’ the ceremony as they didn’t want to disappoint the guests.

The devastated groom, who happens to be a wheelchair user even collapsed when he heard the news that his bride-to-be decided to abandon their wedding.

But because everything was already prepared and all of the family members had gathered in the venue for the occasion, the groom’s sister decided to act as the bride and even changed into a wedding gown to ‘complete’ the ceremony for her brother.

The sister can be seen comforting his extremely upset brother throughout the wedding ceremony. She even wiped his tears, which shows that his brother must have been deeply affected by what had happened as he don’t usually cry

After the ceremony, the upset sister took to social media to express what she felt about his brother’s bride-to-be for running away on their wedding day.

“How could you play with my brother’s feelings, and the feelings of our family?” she wrote on Facebook.

On the other hand, the groom’s brother also expressed his anger to the woman who abandoned their brother.

According to him: “He was able to marry the person he loved, but the bride abandoned him because of the pressure of her family. In the end, we had to leave our sister as a substitute, so that relatives and guests were not disappointed.

“If my brother was not acceptable, why didn’t she say so sooner. Why did she celebrate the wedding only to cancel the marriage at the last minute?”

Many netizens showed their sympathy for the poor groom and they also hope that he will soon find someone worthy of his love and will never leave him again.

source: goodtimes