64-Year-Old Tricycle Driver Graduates College With a Degree in Education

The story of this tricycle driver who proudly finished his studies despite his age is currently making rounds on social media and is adding up to this year’s list of inspiring graduation story.

64-year-old, Generito U. Yusores is now beaming with pride as he inspired a lot of netizens after earning a degree in college by supporting himself in school through his work as a tricycle driver.

The proud old student graduated from Western Mindanao State University External Studies Unit-Molave, Zamboanga del Sur Campus with the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

To achieve his dream of being a teacher, Lolo Generito had to work hard as a tricycle drive by day and a college student at night.

During his younger years, he was an example of a student who took everything for granted. His parents enrolled him at Ateneo de Cagayan for a course in BS Agriculture, but because of peer groups and alcohol, he lost his focus in school. He eventually failed his subjects until he officially dropped from school and lost the support of his parents.

After years of experiencing hardships as a tricycle driver, Lolo Generito finally came to a decision that he wanted to go back again in college when realized that he wants to find a better job and have a decent income. He also said that he envied some of his former classmates with good jobs.

The old man admitted that he received a lot of criticisms; most of which targeting his age as being too old to become a teacher. They usually told him, “Taas na ang lubi” [the coconut tree is already too high]; implying that his dream is already unachievable.

But he tried his best to fulfill his lifelong dream and proved them all wrong when he was granted a scholarship under the WMSU-ESU Molave.

Last April 2, Lolo Generito proudly wears his graduation toga as he lined up along with other 1,397 graduates to receive their college diploma.

What an inspiring story. Congratulations, Lolo Generito!

source: virtualpinoy