11 Famous Filipino Celebrities Who Owns Luxury Cars

In the entertainment industry, it is normal to see our favorite celebrities choosing or buying expensive stuff like makeups, bags, clothes and even expensive cars, for them it’s a proof of their hard work.

With all of the money that they make, they can afford to spend hundreds of thousands, and even millions for their expensive car. Here are some famous personalities who own and drive expensive cars in the country.

1. Ruru Madrid and his Jac Sunray Deluxe Van

Ruru owns a PHP 2.2 million worth van to which he refers to it as his “baby” as well as often his “beast” which he purchased last 2015.

2. Barbie Forteza and her Toyota Fortuner

Last November 2016, Barbie bought a 4×2 diesel Toyota Fortuner with manual transmission for only PHP 1.3 million and she considered it as her investment.

According to her, when she was starting in the entertainment industry, she and her mama traveled from their house in Laguna to her taping site via public transportation, that’s why she decided to buy the car so they can easily travel anywhere.

3. Liza Soberano and her Starex Van

Liza purchased 3 cars and one of them is a Starex van with tailored interiors by Atoy Customs, a vehicle interior designer. According to her, she purchased these cars throughout the opening of her hand and foot medspa organization.

4. Ronnie Alonte and his Toyota 86

Ronnie’s red Toyota 86 was purchased last, however, some speculations from netizens saying that he changed the color of his car and painted it black. The rate for his car’s latest model was PHP1.89 million.

5. Ella Cruz and her Jeep Wrangler

Ella brought her Jeep Wrangler last 2016, and it cost her PHP 2 million online, however, last November 2017, Ella announced online that she wanted to sell it. So for interested buyer, just message Ella Cruz on her social media account!

6. Daniel Padilla and his expensive cars

La Luna Actor Daniel Padilla seems to collect different and expensive cars lately as he possesses a Dodge Challenger and a Mercedes Benz car.

Last June, he was spotted driving another brand new car, it was a Chevrolet Corvette car which is worth PHP 9 million, and last December a netizen found him getting down from the chauffeur’s seat of a black Corvette Stingray. It only proves that Daniel loves cars, especially expensive cars.

7. Maine Mendoza and her Hyundai Grand Starex Limousine

Maine Mendoza bought a new car last June 2016, and it was a white Hyundai Grand Starex Limousine.

8. Kathryn Bernardo with her Lexus and Van

La Luna actress Kathryn Bernardo admitted that she learned how to drive from her Lexus that worth PHP 2.7 Million. She also owns a customized van with tailored interior by Atoy Customs.

9. Khalil Ramos and his BMW

Khalil owns a PHP 3 Million worth BMW Collection 3 e-90.

10. Jak Roberto and his Ford Ranger Wildtruck

Jak Roberto bought a PHP 1.42 million worth Ford Ranger Wildtruck pick-up last year as his Christmas gift for himself and her sister Sanya Lopez felt happy for him.

11. Nadine Lustre and her Wrangler

A photo of Nadine with her Topless Jeep Wrangler was posted by Jeep’s official social media account last 2014.