Yaya Receive Designer Wedding Gown, Wedding Sponsors from her Employer and Community of Moms in FB

A simple helper named Karen Velarde shed tears of joy after being surprised by her kind employers and a community of moms on Facebook.

Yaya Karen had been working with her employer for three years already when she recently announced her plans of getting married and start her own family.

Photo credits: ABS-CBN / Youtube

With the help of her employer, Marga Tan, she received a beautiful wedding dress for her upcoming wedding as a gift.

Marga considers Yaya Karen as a blessing because her daughter loves her so much. Despite admitting to having ‘yaya horror stories’ before, everything changed when she met Yaya Karen.

“She was jolly but shy. I knew she was different from the rest because I saw how much my daughter loved her,” she told Smart Parenting.

Photo credits: ABS-CBN / Youtube

Marga supported her Yaya’s decision and wanted to do something nice for her wedding because she took care of their children like they are her own kids.

She went on to a Facebook group for moms to help her find a beautiful wedding dress. Touched by the kind gesture of Marga, one member of the moms’ community who wanted to be referred to as “Tiffany” was also looking for a new owner for the wedding gown.

Tiffany said, “I was selling it at a really low price even though it was a gown by Von Lazaro (a well-known bridal fashion designer). I just felt like a new bride might be happy to own it. When I saw Anna’s post, I offered it to her. She said she wanted it, but would like to check other options.”

After thinking for a while, Tiffany decided to just give the designer wedding gown instead.

Marga posted on the Facebook group “Glam O’ Mamas” a video of her Yaya Karen opening the surprise gift she gave on February 2019.

Photo credits: ABS-CBN / Youtube

As seen in the video, Yaya Karen was very happy and emotional when she opened the bag and saw a beautiful wedding gown.

Karen’s surprise video had touched the other moms and a more amazing thing happened, they started pitching in to contribute to her wedding.

Marga said, “One mom sent the pillows from her wedding, the one where you put the wedding rings. Another mom, who is also a friend from college, volunteered to make her wedding cake.”

Another mom who happens to be a photographer offered to give Karen and her fiancé a free engagement shoot. Overwhelmed by the response to Karen’s story, Marga said, “I didn’t know that everybody could be so generous! Faith in humanity restored talaga.”

Marga also made a promise to attend Yaya Karen’s wedding that will happen in May, in her province in Isabela.

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