This Foreigner Is Now Begging On The Streets After His Filipino Friend Abandoned Him

Filipinos have a very caring and sympathetic mindset, we have the ability to easily understand other people and show genuine concern about them. We are also known for our hospitality, many foreigners who have gone to the Philippines find themselves falling in love with the warm hospitality of people here.

In fact, our country has been hailed as one of the most hospitable places to ever exist in the world.

But the sad reality is, there are also some who had a bad experience with some Filipinos. Just like this American national who is currently living in the street, after he was abandoned by the people he had helped before.

Facebook user Bilogzkie Borromeo shared a post about this foreigner beggar, he saw outside his workplace. He uploaded a photo of himself together with the foreigner and wrote a caption that says:

“Paglabas ko ng work my nakita akong amerikano nagugutom sya at binigyan ko ng makakain.. his name is michael pero di nya alam surname nya.. ung mga taong natulungan nya daw dati iniwan lng sya.. ung mga nabigyan nya ng mga pera ngyn di man lng sya matulungan sana my makatulong sa kanya kawawa nmn..Pls. Share bka my mga kamag anak sya dto pra matulungan.. Tnx”

[After work, I saw an American. He’s hungry so I gave him something to eat. His name is Michael but he no longer remembers his surname. The people he said he helped just left him. The ones who received money from him wouldn’t even help him. I hope somebody will help him. He’s pitiful.]

According to Borromeo, he saw this foreigner outside his workplace last January 16. The poor man looked so hungry, that’s why he gave him something to eat. During their small talk, he learned that the foreigner’s name is Michael, but he could not remember his surname. The foreigner also shared with him that he was left alone and broke by the people he had helped.

As of this writing, the post has already reached 16k reactions, 7.7k comments, and 46k shares on Facebook.

Meanwhile, many netizens felt sad about the foreigner’s current situation, they hoped that this post can reach to his relatives or the US embassy, so that they could help him.

There are also some who shared their sentiments about the gold-digging character of some Filipinos today that usually target rich foreigners.

Check out some of their comments below:

“You need to do something. Give him clothes to wear. Might be you could offer something to him. Especially where to stay and work to earn money. Or talk to the Social worker. Might be they can send him back here in USA. Kawawa naman.”

“Will somebody take his picture and whatever info you can get out of this poor guy and send it to the U.S. Embassy, Manila. They are mandated to extend help to any American citizen.”