This 10-Year-Old Boy Saves Money to Buy His Mother an Expensive Diamond Ring

Being a mother is one of the most difficult yet most rewarding roles a woman can have. Most of the times she’s unable to take a proper rest because she is busy taking care of her family the entire day. But although she is not paid for this task, she is often paid with love and appreciation for the priceless sacrifice they do every day.

Recently, this 10-year-old boy from Hubei, China made headlines and earned praise after attempting to buy his mother a real diamond ring using the money he saves for months.

While the two were busy walking and running errands in a shopping mall, the young boy had pulled his mother into the jewelry store and asked her to try on some rings that she liked. Not thinking too much about it as she thought that his son was just having fun, she obliged and tried on some pairs while the amused staff readily obliged.

Touched by the young boy’s action, one of the staff decided to take a video of their sweet moment.

After a few moments, the mother began to realize that her son was actually serious in getting her a real diamond ring. It turns out that the boy had seen his other classmates’ mother wearing one, and he loved his mother so much that he didn’t want her to feel ‘left out’.

He spent months saving up his money in hopes that he could get his mother a real diamond ring as a sign of his love for her and to thank her for her love. Surprisingly, he was able to save 8,800 yuan ($1,300) from the monetary gifts he received during Chinese New Year and other special occasions.

The young boy was so happy knowing that he could afford to buy the ring his mother picked, which is worth 8,100 yuan ($1,200).

While the young boy’s mother understands her son’s good intention, she also didn’t want him to spend his money on her, especially on a piece of jewelry. The heartbroken child cried as her mother told him she could not accept the ring. She can be seen comforting the boy and used another tactic so they could leave the shop without purchasing anything yet also not letting him buy the expensive ring for her.

She later points to another expensive diamond ring worth 50,700 yuan ($7,560) and told her son that she prefers the more expensive piece.

A store employee heard the mother saying:

“Mum likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later”

The two embraced tightly and the young boy took one last look at the diamond ring before they left the store. While she may not have the diamond ring, this mom’s heart was certainly filled with love, knowing her son saved up all of his money to give her a special gift.

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source: buzzooks