Thai Durian Multi-Millionaire Rejected Daughter’s Suitor For Being ‘Too Handsome’

Thailand Multi-Millionaire Arnon Rodthong continued to make headlines after rejecting a potential suitor for his daughter, saying that he looks “too handsome” for his daughter Karnsita.

It will be recalled that his controversial offer on social media recently went viral, stating that he would give 10 million baht (approximately $315,000) to the lucky guy who ends up marrying his 26-year-old youngest daughter.

Aside from the initial offer, Arnon Rodthong also included 10 vehicles, a house and the durian empire he created in the prize pool, to anyone who would eventually win his daughter’s heart.

Based on a report, more than 10,000 men applied to be his son-in-law in less than a week. But only a few managed to catch the attention of Thai netizens. One of the participants who gained attention was the 28-year-old Premyosapon Khongsai.

Premyosapon made a post that instantly gained 14k likes in a couple of days, he volunteered to become Karnsita’s future husband and even cited his experience in the durian plantation, and his willingness to work hard.

According to his post:

“I’m interested. I am 28 years-old. My family also grows Durian in Trat province. We have over 300 trees… I can weather the sun and the rain. I can drive a 10-wheel truck and tractor. Please consider me, father Arnon. Thank you.”

Though Karnsita finds Khongsai “pretty cute,” and her father readily agreed with her. Mr. Rodthong rejected his proposal because he considered Premyosapon “too handsome.”

The 58-year-old durian tycoon told the media:

“Premyosapon doesn’t pass for me because he is too handsome. He might break my daughter’s heart.”

He also told the reporters that he decided to cancel the whole thing as the fame became disruptive for them and the family business. But he also clarified that he still intended to give the prize to his future son-in-law.

Furthermore, a lawyer said that Mr. Rodthong could face serious legal trouble if he is just doing this for a publicity stunt.

source: nextshark