Take A Glimpse At Cristine Reyes Beautiful and Relaxing Two-Storey Home In Paranaque City

Cristine Reyes was born as Ara Marie Cristine Reyes on February 5, 1989, in Marikina City. She is a Filipina actress and was first seen on TV as a contestant of GMA’s reality show, StarStruck.

Fast forward today, the actress was already married to husband Ali Khatibi and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Amarah.

But before having her own family, Cristine Reyes found solace in the suburban area, south of Metro Manila where she bought this two-storey house. However, this is not her first home as she also stayed in her family home in Marikina City that was destroyed by Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 and in a luxurious townhouse in Quezon City.

According to the actress, this home meant the most to her as it served as a reflection of her state of mind at that time.

In fact, the actress took charge of the three-month renovation process of this house with the help of an interior-designer friend. Many people were surprised to know that she also had a keen eye for design.

She stayed on top in choosing color schemes for each room and shopping for all the furniture because she wanted her furniture pieces to be “one-of-a-kind.”

Cristine ended up going for the classic all-white palette with a mixture of color ranging from periwinkle to crimson and recessed lighting that creates a relaxing vibe to the entire space.

Living Area

The actress’ living area is furnished with an oversized light color sectional sofa combined with mismatched pieces to create an airy and spacious feel. To save on floor space, she placed built-in shelves near the stairs where she displays her favorite knickknacks.

Dining Area

To keep her dining area casual and inviting, the actress decided to add a hint of bright color. She went for lime green colored wallpaper to match the vibrant undertones of the surrounding plants on display and to complement the custom-made pure marble table and leather chairs.


Meanwhile, her kitchen kept the look of a very simple and utilitarian design by sticking to clean lines and earthy tone, a monochrome palette, and wooden details. You can also find planters scattered across the countertops that also add an accent and color to the space.

Stairway Landing

Cristine has decided to turn her stairway landing into a cozy way station since her home does not include a sectioned foyer. She also added comfortable seating and a few pieces of contemporary art to keep the walls from looking dull and bare.

Entertainment Room

The actress herself was a big fan of film, that’s why she made certain that her entertainment room décoration didn’t miss a beat. Cristine wants viewers who will use this room to enjoy a full visual and auditory experience, so she opted for padded walls in muted-but-dark colors.


Cristine’s bedroom followed the soft theme of her dining area with the patterned cream, gray and lavender wallpaper acts as a great base for the statement pieces in the room. Meanwhile, to keep the look streamlined, she chose a beige upholstered bed that had a cream headboard made out of leather, white sheets, tan drapes, and wooden side tables that blend well together.

She also added an extra seating on the balcony of her bedroom where she can reflect while appreciating the view of the garden since she loves to take a few minutes of her day to let her mind wander.


The actress designed her bathroom room with a different touch of color, her T&B was filled with red and cream colors, a hue that helps boost her energy and wake her up for a long day of work.

To help break the monotony of the room they used mosaic tiles in the same shade near the shower area, while the mirrored closet doors were added to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Walk-In Closet

Her walk-in closet is every girl’s dream, it looks similar to the posh boutiques in New York. The actress made sure that every part of this room can help make dressing up a fun part of her day.

The room was designed following the pink-and-white theme and in the middle, she placed a crystal chandelier that sets the mood of this area.