Student Flies from Australia to Singapore to Shoot Graduation Pictures with Grandpa

It is truly amazing to see grandparents and grandchildren that form strong bonds despite the age difference between them. Just like the story of a grandfather and his granddaughter who had to study miles away from home.

Ranie, is a Singaporean student who loves her grandfather so much, that’s why on her graduation ceremony, she flies all the way from her school in Australia to celebrate the milestone achievement with the man who matters the most to her—her grandpa!

Photo credits: The Little Panny via Facebook page

Growing up, her grandparents were the ones who took care and raised her when she was young, since her parents were often away from home for work.

Hence, it is no surprise then that as soon as she graduated from her school in Australia, she thought of her grandparents first.

Unfortunately, his grandpa had suffered a stroke in early 2018, and couldn’t walk well as he used to before. The loving granddaughter knows that it’s quite unrealistic for his grandfather to take a long travel from Singapore to Australia. So, the dutiful granddaughter thinks of an idea to resolve this issue, she brought the graduation to him so that her grandfather can see her in a graduation gown.

Flying all the way back from Australia, she hired the services of The Little Panny Photography to capture her graduation pictures.

Photo credits: The Little Panny via Facebook page

Looking at their photos, Little Panny studio captures the beautiful moments of Ranie in her graduation gown while standing next to her beloved grandfather.

On Facebook, The Little Panny wrote:

“Who says graduation pics must be taken at the studio? It is the people that matter. Whatever we achieve today we owe it to our elders, our mentors, our parents. With their love and support, no journey is too hard.”

Moved by her idea, they continued, “This graduate flew back from overseas just to have a shoot with the most important person in her life. She knew well that time waits for no man, she must bring this proud moment home.”

Photo credits: The Little Panny via Facebook page

Proud of her granddaughter achievement, the elderly folk, “showing his toothless grin from time to time. He even got emotional as he asked Ranie when she would be leaving again.”

The heartwarming photos immediately went viral and many netizens admired Ranie for not forgetting his grandfather who had helped her achieve the milestone.